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Individuals seeking new positions are welcome to submit their resumes. It should be remembered, however, that as recruiters we are hired by client companies and it is their interest which we serve as a principal focus. You can be assured of absolute confidentiality of your information.

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My clients are among the world’s most prestigious firms; firms that candidates would like to join.  I appreciate the opportunity to help these companies recruit top talent.  

This year I am celebrating my 30th year as a recruiter.  My success and longevity in the ups and downs of the job market is, I believe, because I have always provided personalized client service to both HR and hiring managers for a reasonable fee.  In addition, I try to  respect my candidates as individuals and do my best to help them make life changing decisions that helps to move their careers forward.

Before working in the search industry, I was part of the Consumer Marketing Communications Department at Hill and Knowlton, a global communications and consulting firm.    I also worked for Lane Bryant in thier in-house marketing department.

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from Kean College of New Jersey (now Kean University) earning a B.A. I am also a Certified Personnel Consultant and a member of the Legal Marketing Association.

Specialties include Marketing and Human Resources positions (Salaries $75K to $300K) as well as creative positions such as Graphic Designers and digital marketing staff on both a contingent and direct hire basis

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