How Low Unemployment Affects Hiring in the Real World

How Low Unemployment Affects Hiring in the Real World

by Interperm Resources, LLC.     Category: Article

Posted on December 28, 2019 at 09:26:40 AM

Every day, we are bombarded with news stories about how we are in the best job market in years.  This does not necessarily mean it’s easier to find a new position.   With less people to interview, it can take companies longer to find the “right” person. 

In today’s job market, employers cannot afford high turnover. It takes too long to hire the right candidates, and to start the process over within a year and it is prohibitively expensive. Employee Benefit News reported last year that it costs employers 33 percent of a worker's annual salary to hire a replacement if that worker leaves. This means it’s critical that all members of the team believe that the candidate is the right fit before an employer makes an offer and, therefore, candidates should absolutely expect additional interviews – maybe even two or three rounds of interviews. The whole team may want to meet a candidate before a hiring manager decides on a finalist.  Employers are looking at candidates not just as someone to fill an open position, but as a long-term hire who can learn and grow at the company.(These comments are from an article by Jay Bixler of US News)



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